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Careless driving is considered a major ticket and can add 6 demerit points to your driving record.

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If you are convicted with no reduction, you will get a warning letter in the mail regarding your demerit points.

Your insurance rates could increase by a minimum of 50%.

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The details of High Risk Insurance for careless drivers can sound very daunting, but do not get overwhelmed.

It is best to get the facts and be informed.

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All of our agents at our Burlington office of Youngs Insurance, specialize in high risk insurance for careless drivers.

You do have options for fighting the ticket, as well as getting the right insurance plan to get your normal rates back


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Careless Driving
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Remember to always fight a ticket
Talk to an
agent before paying your ticket
you may not need to pay high risk insurance at all.
Demerit points
do not
affect your insurance
they affect your right to have a drivers license.

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