Demerit Point Penalties for New Drivers

New Drivers are considered high risk drivers
New Driver? High number of demerit points?


The demerit point system penalties for new drivers are extremely serious.  At one time we were all new drivers, or  perhaps you are a new driver right now?   As a new driver you are considered a high risk driver and thus, depending upon your insurer,  you could be paying unnecessarily high auto insurance rates.  You are considered to be a new driver if you have a G1, G2, M1, M2, M1-L or M2-L licence. As a new driver, you face different consequences for adding demerit points to your driving record in Ontario. The consequences can be very severe!

Demerit Point System Penalties for New Drivers

  • If you receive two to five demerit points you will be sent a warning letter.
  • If you receive six to eight points your licence may be suspended and you may have to attend an interview to discuss your driving record.  At the meeting you will need to give  valid reasons why your licence should not be suspended! If you don’t attend the meeting when it is scheduled then your licence could be suspended.
  • If you receive nine or more demerit points your license will be suspended for sixty days. This is extremely serious. You will receive a letter from the Ministry of Transportation. It will tell you the date your suspension takes effect and that you need to surrender your licence.

Remember, being a new driver puts a driver automatically in the high-risk auto insurance category! This is even without the accumulation of demerit points and new drivers are not always informed of what they can do, or when they can expect lower insurance rates.

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