Distracted Driving and Your Mobile Phone

Distracted Driving and Your Mobile Phone are related; Distracted Driving Causes Accidents
Distracted Driving and Your Mobile Phone are related. Distracted Driving Causes Accidents.

Distracted driving and your mobile phone are related –even if you are not using your phone. Your mobile phone can cause you to become distracted even when you are not using it!  It may be hard to believe, but it’s true.

A recent study published in The  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance has shown that simply hearing your mobile phone ring in your vehicle or feeling it vibrate can cause you to become distracted while you are driving.  Scarily, the level of distraction experienced by you as your are driving your car is comparable to actually talking or texting on your mobile phone.

Why is this?  The reason is quite simple.  Hearing the phone ring or feeling it vibrate causes your mind to wander from the task of driving.  Just think about it.  It’s happened, at one time or another, to all of us.  We are driving and then suddenly the phone rings.  Maybe the phone is lying on the  passenger seat, or in your briefcase or purse.  You know you are not supposed to pick it up and answer it, but you start to wonder.  Maybe it’s your son, daughter, or partner, or maybe it’s your boss or client?  Your mind is wondering and now you are not paying proper care and attention to the traffic around you.   You are now a distracted driver.  Driver distraction causes accidents and sometimes fatalities.  Distracted driving can cause you to receive demerit points and put you into the category of high risk auto insurance.

According to OPP statistics, distracted driving fatalities in Ontario surpassed both impaired driving-related and speed-related fatalities in 2014.

Penalties for using your mobile phone while you are driving have increased. On June 2nd the province of Ontario passed legislation increasing penalties for drivers who text or use a handheld phone while driving.    The new legislation increases the penalty to a Maximum $1,000 fine and three demerit points for drivers who text, email or talk on handheld phones while driving.  

This means that fines for distracted drivers will be between $300 to $1,000, plus three demerit points.

Receiving demerit points can you in the high risk auto insurance category and this can mean extremely high  and cost prohibitive auto insurance premiums, and, in severe cases, even  the loss of your license if you have accumulated a lot of demerit points.

Distracted driving and your mobile phone are related.  Your mobile phone, when turned on, can cause you to become distracted while you are driving, even when not in use.  The easiest solution is to have your mobile phone turned off when you are driving your vehicle, and then turn it on to receive and send messages when you pull into a a safe parking spot.

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