Speeding on Speed: Drug-Impaired Driving Will Cost You

Breaking: Immediate Suspension of License for Drug-Impaired Driving

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Don’t be one of the people being arrested and talked about on the General News

Police in Ontario will be able to suspend the licences of drug-impaired drivers, with the same penalties that drunk drivers face.

Staring September 26 2016, drivers impaired by drug use will face a $180 fine, and a licence suspension of three days for the first occurrence, then seven days for the second time and 30 days for subsequent ones after failing roadside tests.

After more testing at a police station, drivers could face a 90-day licence suspension and have their vehicle impounded for a week.

Further penalties could include mandatory education or treatment programs or an ignition interlock.

Drivers could still be charged criminally with impaired driving, but Ontario is implementing these new rules to give police more tools to immediately get impaired drivers off the roads.

Criminal convictions for impaired driving come with sentences of up to five years.

Penalties worse for repeat-offendersa

After a failed sobriety test, drivers will now be sent to the police station for a battery of physiological tests, including blood pressure and body temperature, by an officer dubbed a drug recognition expert.

The penalties get worse for repeat offenders who fail roadside sobriety tests because they’re deemed to be stoned:

1st offence: three-day licence suspension

2nd offence: seven-day licence suspension

3rd offence: 30-day licence suspension

Quick Facts

According to the Office of the Chief Coroner, 39 per cent of drivers killed on Ontario’s roads in 2013 had either drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol in their system.

Drug-impaired driving collisions in Ontario had an estimated social cost of $612 million in 2013.

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