Every Ticket Counts?

Recently we had a client that was in the process of having his auto insurance policy cancelled by his current insurance company. He had been insured for many years and never had an accident, but had 4 minor traffic tickets over the last three years. Once you are over a certain ticket threshold, your rate will not only increase but you have to go to a high risk insurance company. Although his tickets were three minor speeding tickets, all 15 km over (and less), and one for not carrying a proper liability slip, most carriers count all moving violations as tickets. That fourth ticket put him in the high risk auto insurance market and also increased his insurance rate by a 25% surcharge.

We took our time for this referral and found a high risk insurance company that would not charge for this liability certificate infraction, as long as we could prove he had insurance in place at the time of the ticket. We were able to prove this for him and found our client a high risk car insurance provider at a significantly reduced cost!

high-risk-auto-insurance-canadaFor our insurance brokerage, it is important to take the time for each individual situation and assess where the risk belongs. This was a mature person who believed when he received these minor tickets that it would not affect his auto insurance. Don’t let police officers or others tell you “Oh its only ten over, it won’t do anything to your insurance”.

Now our client is on the road to drivers recovery, fully aware of how any moving violation can be a reason for car insurance premiums to increase. Also, we have a plan in place for this insured, to reduce his premiums over the next two years and to get his car insurance prices back to where they were before this unfortunate series of events.

It is important to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, high auto insurance rates don’t have to be long term. We have made it very short term for this specific client, certainly not the high rates, in the high risk market this client had been previously quoted by other auto insurance companies.

It is very important for everyone to realize those little annoying tickets do count and will adversely affect your auto insurance rates.

If you do get a few of these tickets, call our brokerage and get one of our car insurance professionals to assist you in getting a plan together to not only get your car insurance rates inline now, but also have a plan for the future. We will take the time to get you back to those low car insurance prices you have been accustomed to. We understand each person that calls us has a unique circumstance and you will always be treated with the utmost respect and care. Once you become a client, keeping your rates as low as possible with the proper coverage and carrier that best suits your needs is our number one priority.