Hands-free technology can cause distracted driving

Hands-free technology can cause distracted driving although many drivers believe that using hands-free technology while driving is safe to use.  However, studies now show that using hands-free technology while driving in your vehicle may increase the incidence of distracted driving.

ln 2014, distracted driving fatalities in Ontario surpassed impaired driving related and speed related fatalities.  It is because of this that the province recently passed legislation increasing penalties for drivers who text or use a handheld phone while driving.    The new legislation increases the penalty to a Maximum $1,000 fine and three points under the demerit point system for drivers who text, email or talk on handheld phones while driving.  

This means that fines for distracted drivers will be between $300 to $1,000, plus three demerit points.

However as reseach now shows, using hand-free technolgy while driving can also cause distracted driving. Basically, multi-tasking while driving is dangerous and drivers cannot focus on the road when they use voice technologies.

Using hands-free technology can cause driver distraction
Using hands-free technology can cause driver distraction

Reseaerch conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety rated listening to the radio as a category 1 distraction, talking on a hands-free phone resulted in a category 2 distraction, and using using speech-to-text technology to compose texts and emails was deemed to be a category 3 distraction.

In other word, voice-activated hands-free technologies in your vehicle can cause impaired driving. Drivers can miss stop signs, pedestrians, and other cars while using voice technologies because their minds are not totally focussed on the road ahead.

Distracted driving is dangerous and can resulting in major traffic violations and multiple points under the demerit point system.  Receiving demerit points can put you in the high risk auto insurance category and this can mean an extremely high and cost prohibitive auto insurance quote, and, in severe cases, even  the loss of your license if you have accumulated a lot of demerit points.

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