Cancellation of Insurance

Cancellation of Insurance


Notice of cancelation of your policy should be effective unless sent delivered or mailed out by your Insurance provider, its authorized representative, to the named guaranteed insured as appeared in the policy declarations at the address appeared in the policy, expressing when at least twenty (20) days from that point the cancelation shall be effective. The policy may be cancelled by the company by mailing to the insured written notice stating when not less than ten (10) days thereafter the cancellation shall be effective

Reasons that may cause your policy to be cancelled or not renewed

  • Too many claims
  • Non-payments
  • Health issues that may impair driving
  • False declarations or moral hazard
  • Loss of license due to DUI or other offense

Auto insurance companies can and will cancel a driver’s policy or issue non-renewal notices on occasion .The reasons auto insurance companies cancel policies for the above stared reasons  however they are written directly into the policy you purchase from them.