High Risk Insurance for Impaired Driving

High Risk Insurance for Impaired Driving

High Risk Insurance for Careless DrivingArrested for impaired driving? We can help you. The first step is to be fully informed about what this means. An impaired driving offence can change your life in an instant. One too many alcoholic drinks can mean you won’t pass the breathalizer test and suddenly you are being charged with impaired driving with the threat of loosing your car, your licence, your job and then the looming increase of high risk insurance for impaired drivers.

High risk insurance for impaired drivers applies to cars, trucks, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and boats.  At Youngs Insurance Burlington we have developed a specialized program called sweet lemons insurance. Through this program we have helped hundreds of drivers that face high risk insurance for impaired drivers get on the road to recovery. Ontario has some of the strictest laws for impaired driving in North America. We will help you understand the process, direct you in the right way to fight it if possible and most importantly guide you to get on the road of a clean driving record.

Understanding the charge of Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is when your ability to drive is negatively impacted by the consumption of alcohol or drugs – including prescription drugs or even over the counter drugs.  It is very important to look into how a prescription drug or an over the counter drug may impair your driving, for example, a side effect causing fatigue.

In Canada the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit  for fully licenced drivers is 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood or (0.08). There is what they call the warn range which is 0.05 to 0.08 with which you will still face penalties.

There is a zero tolerance of BAC for all drivers under 21 years of age or a novice driver of any age.

For your insurance company, if you have been charged or convicted of this charge you will likely be facing high risk insurance for impaired drivers that could last up to six years.

Consequences of an impaired driving charge VS Conviction

The penalties are steep if this is your first offence, and of course get even steeper for a repeat conviction. There are immediate penalties when you are charged of this offence and penalties if you are convicted of the charge. You will likely get an automatic 3-day roadside licence suspension and penalty of $180.00. For a second offence the road side licence suspension is increased to 7 days, the same fine and a mandatory alcohol education program.

If you are convicted of impaired driving, this is what you can expect: Mandatory alcohol education or treatment program, 1 year minimum requirement to drive a car equipped with an ignition interlock device, $1,000 fine and a possible licence suspension for one year. This may be reduced with the ignition interlock device.

Remember This:

Always find out the facts about your DUI ticket before paying the fine or pleading guilty.  Call an agent at our Youngs Insurance Burlington office to find out more information to get you on the road to recovery from high risk insurance for impaired drivers.