High Risk Insurance for Street Racing

High Risk Insurance for Street Racing

High Risk Insurance for Stunt DrivingA speed racing or stunt driving ticket is not reserved just for drivers in Fast and the Furious! This ticket can be given to any driver pulled over for speeding 50km/hour or more over the speeding limit. This is seen as a very serious charge by the courts and carries six demerit points, which is more than half of the allowed limit for your drivers record. Your insurance company may cancel your policy or put you in the category of high risk insurance for street racing.

The penalties for a Stunt Driving or Street Racing ticket include:

  • Immediate seven day licence suspension and impoundment of the vehicle that was being driven
  • Fine ranging from $2,000 – $10,000
  • Possible suspension of your drivers licence for up to two years
  • Six demerit points

If you are convicted a second time, you may be faced with harsher penalties which could be up to a 10 year licence suspension and possible jail time.

High risk insurance for street racing will be inevitable if you are convicted of this charge and your premiums may increase by thousands of dollars.

Remember This:

  • This counts as a major ticket and it will have an effect on your insurance rates but high risk car insurance for street racing IS temporary.
  • Always find out the facts about your traffic ticket before paying the fine or pleading guilty. ┬áTalk to an Xpolice agent before paying your ticket then talk to one of our highly experienced insurance reps in our Youngs Insurance Burlington office.