High Risk Insurance for Traffic Tickets

High Risk Insurance for Traffic Tickets

High Risk Insurance for Traffic TicketsWe all get the same cringe in our stomach when we have been pulled over by a police officer to learn we are being charged with a traffic ticket.

The first question that usually crosses our mind is how will this affect my insurance rates? High risk insurance for traffic tickets only occurs when we have more than 4 minor traffic tickets, accidents or missed payments in a three year period or 1 major traffic offence in three years. Every ticket affects your record for 3 years. While it does not get erased from your record, it is not shown to insurance companies outside of that three years.

If you have been assigned high risk car insurance the most common advice given is that there is nothing you can do and that you just have to wait it out.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Youngs Insurance is an insurance broker, which means we work with a comprehensive list of insurance companies. Through this we are able to work on a customized plan that will help you get your lower insurance rates back faster than just waiting it out.

Remember This:

  • High risk car insurance IS temporary. If you have one major ticket, or four minor tickets in less than three years, you could fall into the category of high risk car insurance.
  • Always find out the facts about your traffic ticket before paying the fine or pleading guilty.
  • Talk to an XPolice agent before paying your ticket – the outcome could reduce fines, drop the charge or save you from high risk car insurance.
  • Remember that Demerit Points do not mean you will fall into high risk car insurance rates – they affect your right to have a drivers licence.