How Will Minor and Major Traffic Ticket Convictions Affect My Car Insurance?

high-risk-auto-insurance-canadaEvery traffic ticket conviction you receive counts in the calculation of your car insurance rates. For example, 7 minor traffic ticket convictions can cause a 70% surcharge in your car insurance premiums. So, what constitutes minor traffic ticket convictions?

*Minor Traffic Ticket Convictions –  These traffic violations include:

* Fail or refuse to surrender licence,  * Fail to carry evidence of insurance, *Crowding  the driver’s seat, *Following too closely, * Speeding under 49 km per hour, * Seat belt offence – not wearing your seat belt or having it improperly secured;  * Cell phone – prohibited use of hand held device; * Unsafe move, * Traffic sign violation, * Illegal/Improper turn, *Improper class of licence, * Fail or refuse to surrender licence.

*Major Traffic Ticket Convictions: 

Some of the Major/Criminal  traffic ticket convictions that can cause a larger surcharge are  *Failing to report an Accident, * Impaired Driving, * Driving while under suspension, * Careless Driving, * Racing or Stunt Driving (more than 50 km per hour of the legal speed limit), * Producing false insurance, * Operating a vehicle with no insurance, * Failure or refusal to submit to a breath or blood test, * Failure to stop/remain at the scene of an accident.

These convictions can range anywhere between 15-100% surcharges for any one conviction, depending on the insurance company. 

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