How Traffic Tickets Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

Our Sweet Lemons Insurance Programs can show you what impacts your car insurance rates.  Remember, every ticket counts.   It’s the type and amount of tickets you get that determines how your car insurance rates will be affected.

You’ll want to always have no more than 2 minor traffic convictions in a 3 year period.  Many insurance companies have filed rules that will determine whether or not you can qualify to obtain auto insurance from them.  In most cases, 3 or more minor  traffic convictions in the preceding 3 years will not allow you to qualify with them.

At Sweet Lemons, we have alternatives that can help you in the event of a few untimely traffic tickets.  In most cases, a 4th minor traffic ticket in the preceding 3 years will constitute an automatic 25% surcharge to your car insurance rates, with each additional traffic ticket causing an extra 15% rate increase!

7 minor traffic tickets can cause a 70% surcharge in your  vehicle insurance premiums. (First 4 tickets 25%, and 3 additional causing the extra 45%).

Our Sweet Lemons team will  professionally analyze your driving record and place you with a company that will offer the lowest car insurance surcharges for the traffic tickets on your record. Contact us today to get your free car insurance quote!

Driver stressed about the impact of traffic tickets on their auto insurance premiums