Impaired Driving Charge in Canada

We just helped a client who had never had an accident or a ticket and was a mature person. They were found to be over the legal alcohol limit while going through a “ride program”. This client went through a very embarrassing and expensive lesson. When the year was over and they went to get auto insurance again, they had to relive the experience and were treated like a criminal! They understood the branding for their error, but they just wanted to be treated like a person again. When they were referred to us, they were pleasantly surprised that we not only took the time to find the best rate, but also treated them with respect and understood sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Don't drink and drive!Make no mistake, although we can help, this is a major insurance charge and typically there will be a 50% surcharge with all non standard insurance companies.

The benefit we have is our knowledge and expertise in dealing with insuring clients who have impaired driving charges on their records. We have all the carriers that would be needed to asses the risk, the location, as well as other tickets or accidents to best fit this type of risk. We were able to find two insurance carriers that were very helpful with this auto insurance risk.

The client has a family and two vehicles, and most standard insurance carriers will exclude the undesirable driver, but it was important for this person to be able to drive both family vehicles to not upset there family dynamic. Fortunately our carriers were very accommodating and we helped the client place the business with an insurance premium that was affordable and fit his family’s needs.

It was a terrible ordeal this person went through, we helped the client realize the perils of impaired driving and how easily it can happen to anyone. Also we let the client know many of the other situations that could have arose, but in this case did not. By putting a plan together for this client over the next three years, we will lower there rates and get them back to where the were before this impaired driving charge occurred. This family is definitely on the road to drivers recovery.

Part of this expensive lesson is for us all of us to learn what the legal limit for impaired driving is, and how quickly we can get there. The only way to be sure, is to not “drink and drive” or if you are the Designated Driver to abstain for that evening. If you do have a few drinks it is much safer to take a cab call for a ride!

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