Stunt Driving: the Fast, Furious, and Arrested

Freestyle Stunt Driving

Just in case you didn’t already know intuitively, freestyle stunt driving on public roads is a 100%, 10/10, definite no. Because 1) it’s both stupid and illegal and 2) this is Canada, where the potholes alone make driving wild enough.
Drag racing, horrible bosses gif
“I don’t win a lot.” … in life, after you inevitably get caught and have to redo all that fun license-getting.

What is Stunt Driving?

It really is exactly what it sounds like. Only, it’s illegal when you’re not a trained professional and getting paid large sums of money to risk your life. It can be anything from two or more cars racing, doing donuts, going 50k+ over, to driving with a person in the trunk of a car (who is presumably alive, because then it’s not so much a case of stunt driving as it is, you know, murder).
'trunking', a form of stunt driving where people ride in the trunk
The many, many horrifying scenarios this photo brings to mind per context.
Basically, anything you see Vin Diesel pretend to do in the movies is what you should absolutely not be doing. It’s stupid and you will most likely get seriously injured. If your kid is going through the ‘Dumbass’ phase of puberty (can last anywhere from 18 months to a lifetime), or you’re easily peer-pressured, you’ll really want to be proactive about your high risk insurance purchases, and maybe also make some new friends.
when you're being peer-pressured into stunt driving, remember this: "it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends."
Neville (the real hero) didn’t let himself be pressured. Be strong, be like Neville.



These are a special group aptly named by medical personnel who have had to deal with the aftermaths of bikers who don’t wear helmets. The name derives from some unfortunate circumstances where the head injuries are so severe, the victims are only good for parts. Nobody and their loved ones should have to suffer this kind of fate, so please wear your damn helmets. No high-risk insurance anywhere is going to cover you if you already dead.
donorcylists - stunt driving is even stupider helmet-less
Warning: A realistic, graphic visual representation of stupidity.

Your Insurance Post-Ticketing for Casual Stunt Driving

First of all- the fines. For stunt driving, it’s anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. That’s double the amount for drunk driving. You could also get 6 months in jail plus up to a 2-year license suspension. Not to mention facing your parents when they find out their car has been impounded for ten days, despite the fact that it was your ass behind the wheel. Good luck with that ass-whoopin’, or whatever non-corporal, sprinkles-on-top punishment y’all white kids get.

So, What Now?

Okay sure, you could pretend it never happened, and don’t report it to your insurance. But, if they ever find out and deny you coverage then, you’re going to need a lot of luck and cash to try and sue ’em for it.
The best thing to do is to come clean and start looking for the best high-risk insurance coverage in your area. In my 100% unbiased opinion, Sweet Lemons is a stellar option–and you can always ask questions if you’re unsure.
shameless plug for high-risk insurance

The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this before a big race, and  a shiny new transmission while rattling off jargon about horsepower and fuel costs to anyone who will listen, then 1. your ability to multitask is  impressive, and 2. I hope you’ve decided to re-evaluate. There are many other activities you can do besides endangering the lives of you and those around you. For example, learn to crochet, start a YouTube channel, or have an impromptu dinner with just you and the in-laws. Literally any other, non-life-threatening activity (and while I recognize that some just don’t get along with their partner’s family, you won’t die after two hours with them, no matter how it might feel that way at the time). In fact, instead of going out and driving underneath a moving transport truck on the 401, you could stay home, have a cup of coffee, and read legal jargon on why stunt driving is a no-no in the province of Ontario.
Baby Driver: stunt driving the right way (aka professional, safe, and most importantly, fake)
Leave the stunts to the professionals.
And if that doesn’t scratch your itch, go to driving school, take some lessons. Then, find out where Vin Diesel is shooting Fast and Furious 13: The Moderately-Paced and Even-Tempered. I hear it’s going to be a real edge-of-your-seat picture. Coming in due time to a theatre near you.