Uber 101: Your Insurance Needs-to-Know

Uber-‘in’ Great Insurance Rates

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Have you noticed that any successful company name will eventually be used as a verb? “Google” something, “Facebook” someone, “Instagram” a selfie. No one ever says, “Hey, let’s Bing that to learn more about high risk insurance.” They might suggest you Google it. Even more likely, though, they’ll just say, “Hey,” and not talk about car insurance.
While taxi and car-share services have been around since street cleaners had to shovel horse manure, Uber has really pulled up in front of the competition over the past few years. Such that now, these phrases have become common additions to the young minds’ vernacular:
  • “I’ll call you an Uber.”
  • “Let’s Uber.”
  • “Shall we fetch an Uber?”
if uber was around in the mean girls' era, then fetch totally would have happened
Okay, maybe not (yet). Though if Uber had been around back then, it def would have been happening. Just saying.

Imagine this scenario:

It’s the dead of winter, and you’re with your friends on a Friday night. You guys are huddled in the doorway of someone’s house, wearing way too little in the name of fashion. You’re on your way to a bar, club, church. The wind chill has all but frozen the outdoor thermometer. Yeah, you could take the TTC and just play a game wherein you and your friends bet on what stage of frost bite y’all will sustain on the way between stations. Or, you might just look at each other, until one person makes the call: “Uber?”

Now, as you climb into the warm interior of the Honda Accord or a like-model car, you might find yourself looking through the eyes of your temporary chauffeur. As the driver, they appreciate the below-human survival temperatures, because mo’ winter means mo’ business. For Uber drivers, the knowledge of drunk people around the city chattering through their teeth, “We tryna Uber? Cause I’m down,” warms you up on the inside in a way only money can.
Cute lumberjack doggo https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ca/f0/d1/caf0d11e8f83e33cb98ddb6a4f5735d0.jpg
If everyone dressed as warmly as this pupper and stayed their asses inside on cold, cold days, Uber drivers might then be the ones suffering. But parties gotta be party’d, right?

How to Make Uber Your Side Hustle

Before you became this suave driver who knows exactly when to talk/when to listen, has great taste in music, and multiple charging cables for all brands of phone, you should first know what you need on hand to make all that happen. It isn’t just the model of car you drive, or even the ratio of Top 40s to oldies/soft rock in your Spotify playlist. Per Uber’s guidelines, here are the docs you need to have in order to kickstart your second job:
  1. Ontario driver’s license 
  2. Proof of work eligibility
  3. Vehicle Inspection Safety Standards certificate
  4. Vehicle registration
  5. Vehicle insurance
Not too difficult to get. Of course, if you want more info, Uber hosts open houses throughout the year, known as Greenlight Spots, in major cities across Ontario. The page also outlines the slightly-different regulations for uberEats and uberEats by bicycle (which, if you’re interested in, you should check out the updated laws and fines for distracted driving and cycling).
Of course, one of the most important on that list is that you have the proper coverage for your vehicle.

But wait just a minute-what about their updated contract that states Uber is offering insurance to drivers in Ontario, automatically?

The informed consumer may ask this in a surprised, slightly indignant tone.
The thing about that is while it’s true, it is conditional. You know, because they’re a corporation, and it’s in their best interests to make money, not spend it. That means that Uber covers you when a) the app is in use and b) only while you’re between the pick-up and drop-off points. When the passenger exits your vehicle, so will that great, high-risk coverage along with them. Yes, a low base coverage will still be active while you’re on the road and the app is open. But that won’t account for moderate-to-major damages that may happen. To cover all of your bases from potential bloodbaths of both the financial and physical kind, you should definitely consider investing in your own, personal protection (such as our sweet, Sweet Lemons insurance).

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of things to think about before you sign away your evenings and weekends for that extra cash. Ask yourself, are you okay with being stuck in traffic for forty-five minutes while drunk people make out in your newly-upholstered backseat? Will you be stressed worrying about whether they’ll throw up right before you’ve arrived at your destination? Will your insurance cover you when you’re uberPooling from one end of the city to the other? The first two are out of your control, but you can definitely cover yourself when it comes to potential accidents.

never settle artsy mug quote
… For low-quality insurance. Live your best life. Listen to this artsy-mug shot (hah) and don’t stress about the things you have control over.
For more information on how you can be a 5-star Uber driver, feel free to chat us up by calling 905-335-6925. You can also fill out our contact form if you don’t like speaking on the phone, and haven’t made a doctor’s appointment since you moved out of mom-and-dad’s.